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Jamaica: Things to Do

Jamaica is the third largest Caribbean Island. With its' six mountain ranges, 120 rivers and 150 miles of beaches, it is also one of the most beautiful! The population of Jamaica is just over two million. It is situated in the Caribbean 550 miles south of Florida and the island itself is about 148 miles long and 52 miles wide. Easily explored even if your visit is short! In your explorations you will find forested mountains plunging deep into the sea, fine coral sand beaches in sheltered bays and a more rugged coastline with its black sand. Enjoy the view from the summit of the 7,402 foot Blue Mountain Peak with its peach orchards and strawberry fields. The capital of Jamaica is Kingston, but other popular resort centers are Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio.
Take your camera! Visit Castleton Botanical Gardens, Dunn's Rivers Falls, Fern Gully, Kingston's historic residences, and Ocho Rios. Raft the Rio Grande. Swim, snorkel, SCUBA, fish. Ski, sail, canoe, cruise. Golf, hike, shop, dance. Or just relax in the sun.

Jamaica: General Information

To enter Jamaica as a U.S. resident you will need proof residency (birth certificate, passport or naturalization papers). You must also show a photo ID. A tourist card will be issued, don't lose it, you will be required to return it upon your departure. You are also required to pay a departure tax of approximately $4 U.S. There is a 6 month limit on stay for all visitors. For more information contact the Jamaica Tourist Board in New York City, (800) 233-4JTB.

The unit of currency is the Jamaica dollar. Purchase these at the airport and hotel exchange bureaus and commercial banks. Credit cards are also widely accepted. Your U.S. drivers license is accepted in Jamaica, just remember to drive on the left!

Jamaica: Food and Languages

The Jamaican national dish is ackee and salt-fish. A concoction made from imported salted cod and the fruit of the ackee tree, mixed with onions, peppers and tomatoes. Or try red beans and rice, Indian curried goat, boiled green bananas, or crab and pepperpot soup. Red snapper and lobster, fresh fruits and vegetables are also on the menu in Jamaica so don't worry, you'll find something you love!

Rum is Jamaica's national drink, and it is mixed with about anything! Try it with coconut water for a very special and refreshing drink. There is also Red Stripe beer and many wonderful, fruity non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy.

English is widely spoken on the island as is Jamaican Creole English.

Jamaica: Music and Happenings

Bob Marley is a legend around the world, not just in Jamaica. He made popular Jamaica's reggae sound, with it's bouncy blend of bass and percussion along with the offbeat rhythm guitar. Also enjoy Jazz, Calypso, Folk and Gospel during your visit.

Jamaica: Weather

The average temperature in the winter months is 75 degrees, in the summer, about 80. Jamaica is sunny year-round but you may experience a few showers in the months of May, June, August, September and October. If you are hiking in the mountains, bring your sweater.

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